9 sessions, 40 min

4 050 UAH

Trial session 200 UAH, single session 700 UAH, 3 sessions set - 450UAH/session. Trial - Free for children under 16, Single session – 360 UAH, 20% discount for any course.

There is no side effect in the usage of the capsule NATURAL ADJUSTER. The device operation is absolutely safe.


Сourse “Optimal”


The course of 9 sessions is designed for optimal correction of your physical and psychophysical condition. The complex effect of a capsule is a combination of specially selected musical programs, aromas and light therapy. This action is aimed at relieving tension, spasms and stress in your body. A key factor in the prevention of your health, are the geometric elements of a specially selected material, which lined the inner space of the capsule. Their action is contactless and is aimed at structuring body fluids. The aquatic environment of the human body is up to 90% of the total body weight. Water is particularly sensitive to the setting that is active in the capsule and quickly acquires an ideal structure. During the session you will noticeably improve the biochemical indicators, and for the entire course you will get a more stable result. The frequency of the course "Optimal" - every day for 40 minutes. For the duration of the course, we recommend that you adhere to the correct lifestyle: avoid alcohol, smoking and, if possible, meat and fatty foods. If you have weak immunity and frequent colds, if you quickly lose energy and get tired, if you do not have time to regain your strength, or if you have physical exhaustion - the course of 9 sessions “Optimal” will help you to restore the balance of life and regain .

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