21 sessions, 40 min

8 400 UAH

Trial session 200 UAH, single session 700 UAH, 3 sessions set - 450UAH/session. Trial - Free for children under 16, Single session – 360 UAH, 20% discount for any course.

There is no side effect in the usage of the capsule NATURAL ADJUSTER. The device operation is absolutely safe.


Course “Reloaded”


The course of 21 sessions is designed for a complete energy reboot of your body and a way out of long-term states of depression, severe stress conditions, chronic fatigue and loss of vitality. The complex effect of a capsule from a combination of specially selected musical programs, aromas and light therapy helps to get out of such crisis states of your body. A key factor in the prevention of your health, are the geometric elements of a specially selected material, which lined the inner space of the capsule. Their action is contactless and is aimed at structuring body fluids. The aquatic environment of the human body is up to 90% of the total body weight. Water is particularly sensitive to the setting that is active in the capsule and quickly acquires an ideal structure. As a result, in 21 sessions of the “Restart” course, you will regain your lost vitality and restore your mental health. We recommend that you complete the “Restart” course in three stages of 7 sessions, every other day, 40 minutes each. Between each of the three stages you take a break of up to 5 days. For the duration of the course, we recommend that you adhere to the correct lifestyle: walking in the open air, moving more, eliminating alcohol, smoking, meat, fatty, spicy foods and sweets, i.e. - stick to a diet, and we ask you for a period of recovery - to refrain from attending mass events. If you have severe physical exhaustion, chronic fatigue, prolonged depressive states, poor wound healing, or you want to recover from the operation if you quickly lose energy, or constantly experience strong physical or stressful loads - a course of 21 sessions of "Restart" is for you .

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