NATURAL ADJUSTER capsule is the embodiment of natural technologies implemented for:

  • liveliness recovery
  • mental health harmonization
  • regeneration of body functions
  • faster rehabilitation after injuries and operations
  • strengthening the immune system

NATURAL ADJUSTER capsule is a one-of-a-kind, unprecedented product. Its operating principle belongs to the new information technologies group. The NATURAL ADJUSTER capsule’s design follows the natural laws of symmetry and harmony. The foundation of the product’s effect is built upon the body’s biological vibrancy against the fractal geometric elements covering the internal capsule’s surface. The device’s operation is conducted in a non-contact manner. The capsule is designed to be a harmonizing and rehabilitating device. You’re comfortably placed inside the capsule to find yourself in a space made of a harmonious mixture of sounds, illumination, and aromas. This complex device action involves all your senses allowing you to completely relax and get the desired effects from the session. .
Session: What affects the result from the session?

  • your psychological aspirations
  • the level of your body exhaustion
  • your relaxation abilities
  • the compliance with course prescriptions
  • your lifestyle
Perhaps, you’ll need more sessions or/and the additional information in the form of consulting and attendance.

The tuning to your natural transformative body frequency is performed within a capsule. The configuration of key elements made of specifically selected materials and fractal geometrical forms create the necessary conditions for impacting the water environment of cells. Your body gets structured in accordance with the harmony of nature. This is the waking and recovery of your internal body reserves, bringing about a positive impact on your health.

The device is developed using special knowledge on the influence of natural mechanisms for the restoration of vital functions and replenishment of energetic human losses. This allows for the following self-tuning on the harmony of nature. The device helps sense and discover the original attribute of vitality and strength.

Depending on your health condition, you’ll create a course of several sessions rejuvenating your life potential. Before the session starts, you’ll get a consultation on the main principles of capsule usage as well an individually crafted treatment program. Such a program includes the courses of your own choice, free consultation, auxiliary literature, and consultative attendance.

We’re offering the following courses:

Trial session 200 UAH, single session 700 UAH, 3 sessions set - 450UAH/session. Trial - Free for children under 16, Single session – 360 UAH, 20% discount for any course.

NATURAL ADJUSTER has no side effects. The device operation is absolutely safe.

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Exploring nature, we discover new opportunities

The company "Key Resource" was founded in 2014 in Kiev.

We are a team of like-minded people and researchers.

Inspired by the nature perfection, we study deeply its mechanisms and on the basis of this knowledge we develop the concepts of innovative products in the field of life technology.

The main activity is producing the products that promote healing, rejuvenation of the body and its vital functions recovery. We go through the full cycle - concept, prototype, experimental confirmation, client.

All team members are equal partners and complement each other. Each of us has an unique skills and abilities that we implement effectively in our research project.


Oleksandr Misevych
Design engineer, research and development in the field of natural technologies for the rehabilitation and health prevention.
Anastasiia Makarenko
Marketing communications specialist, experience in development of service strategy, successful experience in business development.
Inna Skorobagatko
Great sales experience, administrative experience, consulting in the field of personal growth and health prevention.
Galina Mudrovskaya
Research and development in the field of mental and natural technologies of health prevention, experience in training and consulting on health programs.
Grigoriy Suhov
Consultant on social issues;
  • - Author of the training program " The Methods of spiritual development"
  • - 5 years practice in alternative medicine;
  • - more than 20 years of teaching, personal practice and consulting;


Владимир Пироженко
  • - опыт создания компаний от бизнес плана до компании с оборотами в миллионы долларов
  • - МБА от ведущей школы бизнеса США Kellogg School of Management со специализацией в стратегии, финансах и маркетинге
  • - опыт работы менеджером проектов по стратегии и слияниям и поглощениям в мультинациональной консультационной компании KPMG
  • - консультирование венчурных фондов и бизнес ангелов по вопросам инвестирования в стартапы
  • - консультирование стартап команд в области: валидация идеи, разработка стратегии, оценка стоимости стартапа, подготовка инвест меморандума
  • - 10+ лет опыта разработки стратегий, планов реструктуризации, оценки бизнеса для ведущих украинских и западных компаний
  • - преподаватель курса стратегического планирования в Эдинбургской школе бизнеса (Киев).
Marichka Matsepa
  • - independent Consultant, Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation Expert;
  • - more than 10 years practice in designing evaluations (country programme evaluations, UNDAF evaluations, CPD/CPAP evaluations, program and project evaluations);
  • - общестрановые оценки, региональные оценки, оценки социальных программ,
  • - M&E Specialist in UNICEF Ukraine;
  • - work in the International Partnership for Human Rights;
  • - took part in a complex evaluation of 4 multilateral emergency assistance programmes implemented by UNHCR, IOM, ICRC, UNFPA in Ukraine in 2014.


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